Triple zero

The Triple Zero Campaign is fighting for a world with #ZeroLeprosy. Together, we are working to stop transmission, prevent disabilities and end discrimination. Join us.

Zero Transmission

Stopping leprosy transmission

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Zero Disabilities

Preventing girls and boys from being disabled by leprosy

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Zero Discrimination

Abolishing discriminatory leprosy laws and practices

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Working together to stop transmission, prevent disabilities and break the stigma from leprosy

Who we are

Federation of 15 international NGOs working in 67 countries worldwide advised by a technical commission of world experts and a panel of people affected by leprosy

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Why we are needed

Leprosy is still being transmitted, causing disabilities and creating stigma. Laws worldwide discriminate against people affected by leprosy and their families.

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What we do

Together we are stopping the transmission of leprosy, preventing disabilities caused by leprosy and breaking the stigma resulting from leprosy.

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  • World Leprosy Day 2017

    29 January 2017 - 29 January 2017 | Worldwide

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  • Zero Discrimination Day

    01 March 2017 - 01 March 2017 |

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  • ILEP March meetings 2017

    08 March 2017 - 10 March 2017 | Amsterdam

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  • International Women’s Day 2017

    08 March 2017 - 08 March 2017 | Worldwide

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  • World Health Day 2017

    07 April 2017 - 07 April 2017 |

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leprosy is still being transmitted to children

ILEP calls for the proactive, early detection and treatment of leprosy, to prevent leprosy being transmitted to children and to reduce disability in children to zero by 2020. Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with leprosy and almost nine out of every one hundred people diagnosed is a child.

Manjeet's story - see video