Working together to stop leprosy and to prevent disability and stigma resulting from leprosy

Who we are

Federation of 14 international NGOs, working in 63 countries worldwide, supporting a technical commission of world experts on leprosy.

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Why we are needed

Leprosy can be cured, but it is under-reported and under-diagnosed. Delayed treatment causes disabilities. People affected by leprosy suffer from its stigma.

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What we do

Together we are stopping the transmission of leprosy, preventing disability caused by leprosy and fighting the stigma of leprosy.

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Girls and women affected by leprosy are triply discriminated against because of their gender, the disabilities that can result from the disease and the impact of its stigma. Studies also show that in some countries they are less likely than men to be diagnosed early, and so are at greater risk of developing a lifelong disability. This report shows what can be done to achieve access to treatment and a better outcome.

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