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Ending Stigma, Discrimination and Prejudice

Launched on 14 January 2019 ahead of World Leprosy Day, this ILEP publication explores the complex links between stigma and leprosy and sets out what needs to be done to end the cycle of discrimination.

Zero Discrimination: Ending the Stigma of Leprosy

Triple Jeopardy

A report launched in 2015, Triple Jeopardy: tackling the discrimination facing women and girls with leprosy. The report revealed a gender based discrepancy in the figures for new cases of leprosy.

Triple Jeopardy IWD 2015

Learning Guides

ILEP has published a series of Learning Guides about leprosy, targeting all health workers who deal with people affected by leprosy, especially those at the first referral level, such as a health centre. In that setting, people who are suspected of having leprosy need to be examined carefully, so that the diagnosis can be either confirmed or rejected.

How to Diagnose and Treat Leprosy ; Comment Diagnostiquer et Traiter La Lepre
Learning Guide One

How to Recognise and Manage Leprosy Reactions ; Comment Reconnaitre et Traiter Les Reactions Lepreuses
Learning Guide Two

How to do a Smear Examination for Leprosy ; Comment Realiser un Examen de Frottis Cutane Pour la Lepre
Learning Guide Three

How to prevent disability in leprosy ; Comment Prevenir les Incapacites de la Lepre 
Learning Guide Four

WHO/ILEP technical guide on community-based rehabilitation and leprosy

The text is based on information drawn from a survey of 31 projects providing community based rehabilitation services in 15 countries across Africa, Asia and South America.

Technical Guide on Community Based Rehabiliation and Leprosy

 Other Technical Guides

A two-part guide to the integration of leprosy services within the general health system.

Facilitating the Integration Process ; Comment Faciliter les Proceseus D’Integration

Stages and steps in the integration process

ILEP Technical Commission Advisory Paper

ITC Model Patient Card Record (2014) 
2nd edition, London: ILEP, 2014

Training Guides

ILEP’s Temporary Expert Group on Training developed this material over two years.
The group was chaired by Paul Saunderson and included Herman Folmer, Andreas Kalk,
Joseph Kawuma, P Krishnamurthy, June Nash, Doug Soutar, Guido Groenen and
Mary Tamplin. Additional material and advice was received from Tim Almond of
The Leprosy Mission (TLM), Rick Sullivan of JHPIEGO and Prisca Zwanikken of the
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT).

Training in Leprosy

Rehabilitation Guide

The Guidelines below were commissioned by the ILEP Medico-Social Commission in response to requests from ILEP Members. The contributors are involved in Social and Economic Rehabilitation and on the results of a workshop held in Wurzburg, Germany. The development of the Guidelines was co-ordinated and sponsored by the German Leprosy Relief Association.

Social and Economic Rehabilitation ; La Readaptation Sociale et Economique

Data analysis

The main objectives of leprosy control programmes are to cure people with leprosy, to stop the transmission of the disease and to prevent disabilities. It is essential to measure progress towards the achievement of these objectives. That is why indicators are used. The aim of this paper is to review the indicators that ILEP recommends and deals with detection, MDT and the prevention of disabilities  and to discuss their interpretation.

Epidemiological Indicators ; Indicateurs Epidemiologiques

Stigma Guides

These guides have been written for managers, health workers, social workers and service staff who deal with stigma in relation to people affected by leprosy and other health conditions. The guides provide evidence-based and best practice information from different disciplines and recommendations for field workers on how to reduce stigma against and among people affected by leprosy.

ILEP stigma guidelines 1
ILEP stigma guidelines 2
ILEP stigma guidelines 3
ILEP stigma guidelines 4

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