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Fontilles – Spain
Plaza Tetuán 6 bajo
46003 Valencia

Tel: +34/96 351 15 83
Fax: +34/96 351 11 87

Chair of the Board  – Juan Lorca
General Manager – José-Manuel Amorós
Head of Laboratory – Pedro Torres
Head of Projects – Eduardo de Miguel
Fundraising and Communications – Yolanda Sanchis, Angélica Villar


The first priority is still the fight against leprosy, wherever it still exists. The number of new cases registered in the sanatorium is down to a minimum. Therefore, activity is shifting outwards, with a growing number of international projects. Other new priorities include the training of field workers at home and abroad and supporting national plans to eradicate leprosy in endemic countries and regions. Raising awareness of leprosy in Spanish society, early detection of new cases, physical rehabilitation of people with leprosy and, achieving the socio-economic integration of patients are permanently on the agenda of Fontilles’ work. Nowadays, the co-operation projects of Fontilles include other neglected diseases and development projects in order to improve living conditions and prevent diseases.