Leprosy Partners

Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy

ILEP is proud to be a founding member of the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy – a new partnership designed to align the leprosy community and to accelerate effective collaboration towards the goal of zero leprosy.

Initially, the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy will coordinate action in three key areas:

  1. Accelerating research in new diagnostic and therapeutic tools, interventions, and strategies to interrupt leprosy transmission.
  2. Working with national leprosy programs to scale up promising innovations.
  3. Increasing advocacy and fundraising.

ILEP will contribute to all three of these areas and take a lead role in the second group focused on operational excellence within the partnership.

WHO Global Leprosy Programme

ILEP has an officially recognised relationship with the World Health Organization. Together we are:

  • working to ensure the widest possible implementation of the current Global Leprosy Strategy for reducing the numbers of cases of leprosy;
  • promoting the prevention of disabilities and rehabilitation of persons and families affected by leprosy; and
  • continually striving to improve the quality of patient care and to promote the fight against stigma and discrimination.

Download the Global Leprosy Strategy 2016-2020

International Leprosy Association

Founded in 1931, International Leprosy Association is a professional society of physicians, scientists, individuals and organisations in related areas, working to understand and relieve the problems associated with leprosy. From its inception, the primary goal of ILA has been to provide up-to-date, medical and scientific information about leprosy to all professionals in the field.

The Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation tackles a broad range of issues facing humanity including leprosy and its mission is social innovation.

Through innovation, The Nippon Foundation aims to achieve a society where all people support one another, reducing the burdens and challenges they face, together.

The Nippon Foundation believes that in pursuit of this aim everyone has a role to play: citizens, corporations, not-for-profit organisations, governments and international bodies. By forging networks among these actors, The Nippon Foundation serves as a hub for the world’s wisdom, experience, and human resources, giving individuals the capacity to change society in the hope that they can make a difference.


Novartis is a global healthcare company headquartered in Switzerland. It collaborates with other organisations to tackle some of the world’s greatest health challenges and works to strengthen healthcare systems by combining its scientific expertise with on-the-ground experience.

Novartis believes that philanthropy remains indispensable in reaching people who live in poverty with significant unmet medical need so its social ventures build local, sustainable capabilities for healthcare around the world.

Novartis is working to eliminate diseases like leprosy and malaria, to help control the development of non-communicable diseases, to find new treatments and develop innovative products for under-served patients, particularly in the developing world.


IDEA is the first international advocacy organisation whose leadership is primarily made up of individuals who have personally faced the challenges of leprosy.

Established in 1994, IDEA has 20,000 members in more than 30 countries, spanning five continents. IDEA has branches in 19 countries (Angola, Brazil, China, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, South Korea, Sudan, Taiwan and the USA).

IDEA is dedicated to the principle that individuals whose lives have been challenged by leprosy have the right to full and equal participation in society, including the right to equal justice, equal opportunity, and equal dignity without discrimination.