Netherlands Leprosy Relief

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Founded: 1967 - Number of staff: 98

Leprosy is often neglected. It can stigmatise the patients and their families. NLR’s objective is to promote and support the control of leprosy and the after-effects of the disease through a public health approach, in compliance with the Global Leprosy Programme Global Strategy of the World Health Organization and its Operational Guidelines. NLR supports national leprosy control programmes and promotes the integration of these programmes into the countries’ health systems. Leprosy patients should have access to general health service facilities, where they will be diagnosed and treated and provided with adequate care, both during and after chemotherapy. NLR aims for comprehensive leprosy control and is also committed to support programmes in the field of rehabilitation. In addition to the prime aim of preventing leprosy patients from developing nerve damage, NLR promotes the prevention of disability and the rehabilitation, social and economical inclusion of people affected by leprosy together with people with disabilities due to other causes. The cooperation with partners in endemic countries is mostly formalised in long-term agreements with the national health authorities. NLR is prepared to face the challenges of dealing with leprosy as a “normal” infectious disease within the general health care system, even under circumstances of relatively low incidence. Knowledge and skills of primary health care workers are of great importance for adequate leprosy control programmes. NLR gives high priority to training and education of local health staff. In addition to its leprosy work in endemic areas, NLR is one of the major supporters of leprosy related scientific research. Infolep and InfoNTD, the leprosy and neglected tropical diseases information services are initiatives of NLR, which are supported by many ILEP partners. Scientific research is a vital aspect in NLR’s fight against leprosy. All their work is based on scientifically proven evidence and NLR contributes actively to new research within the Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI), a combined venture of NLR, American Leprosy Missions (ALM), German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association (GLRA), effect: hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada) and The Leprosy Mission International (TLMI). The LRI is coordinated by NLR and lodged in an independent foundation.

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Postbus 95005, NL-1090 HA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31/20 5950500

+31/20 6680823

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President of the Board of Supervisors: Mr. Bram van Ojik

Executive Director: Jan van Berkel


Total number of projects: 19

Projects with partnerships: 13 with s, 2 with ILEP Members

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Number of countries with projects in: 7


Number of countries with projects in: 4

Countries (with total number of projects in brackets):

  • Mekong Region (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar) (2)
  • Indonesia (4)
  • India (3)
  • Nepal (2)


Number of countries with projects in: 2

Countries (with total number of projects in brackets):

  • Mozambique (5)
  • Nigeria (1)

South America

Number of countries with projects in: 1

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  • Brasil (2)
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