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Founded: 1967 - Number of staff: 98

NLR promotes and supports health, ability and full inclusion in society for persons affected by leprosy or living with disabilities, in line with WHO’s Global Leprosy Strategy and the Triple Zero campaign of ILEP.

NLR is active in Mozambique, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Brazil, NLR prioritises the following areas of intervention:

1) Prevention and early detection of leprosy through development and promotion of innovative treatments
2) Combined approaches with other disabling diseases in order to prevent and manage disabilities
3) Empowerment of people affected by leprosy and people with disabilities
4) Reduction of stigma and discrimination

Increasing effectiveness is key in the NLR approach, as the organization:

- Supports governments, NGOs, research institutions and Disabled People’s Organisations
- Integrates leprosy control into other neglected tropical disease and disability control programmes
- Lobbies to keep leprosy and disability inclusion on policy agendas at all levels
- Uses an evidence-based approach that leads to ground-breaking innovations
- Manages information portals InfoLep and InfoNTD and the joint Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI), thereby taking on the role of linking pin for new leprosy developments

Some key innovative achievements towards a world free of leprosy:

- After introducing a preventative treatment for leprosy together with Novartis Foundation and various ILEP members, NLR saw a clear declining trend of the number of new leprosy patients. The government of India was encouraged by the positive results and is now scaling this up in other areas. Plans to scale up efforts are currently being made.
- NLR has developed a new model to identify, screen and treat people affected by leprosy. The treatment tested in this new model reduces the risk of transmission by 90%, which should lead to a breakthrough in the cycle of transmission.
- NLR developed the SkinApp, an award winning and effective detection tool for healthcare workers to support correct and timely referrals, diagnosis and treatment of common skin diseases, and other related to neglected tropical diseases and HIV.
- NLR fosters disability inclusive development by supporting hundreds of self-help groups of persons with a disability who have succeeded in building economic activities to reduce economic dependency and break the stigma.

Contact information

Postbus 95005, NL-1090 HA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31/20 5950500

+31/20 6680823

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President of the Board of Supervisors: Mr. Bram van Ojik

Executive Director: Jan van Berkel


Total number of projects: 19

Projects with partnerships: 13 with s, 2 with ILEP Members

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Number of countries with projects in: 7


Number of countries with projects in: 4

Countries (with total number of projects in brackets):

  • Mekong Region (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar) (2)
  • Indonesia (4)
  • India (3)
  • Nepal (2)


Number of countries with projects in: 2

Countries (with total number of projects in brackets):

  • Mozambique (5)
  • Nigeria (1)

South America

Number of countries with projects in: 1

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  • Brazil (2)
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