World Leprosy Day 2018

Children without disabilities: theme for 2018

This year’s theme continues to build on the strategic focus of the past two years— preventing girls and boys from developing disabilities associated with leprosy. This supports the ILEP strategy and the WHO Global Leprosy Target, “Zero G2D in paediatric leprosy patients”.

Individual ILEP member organisations and others within the broader community are encouraged to share the centrally-produced materials, as well to design their own materials, events and activities to help amplify the message.  The use of materials in donor and affected countries may be targeted to specific outcomes (such as public information or fundraising) but they ultimately all support efforts to increase attention on what’s needed to end leprosy, through the lens of children affected.

World Leprosy Day  will be observed on Sunday 28th January 2018


Key messages

Quiz for World Leprosy Day (Text document only) 

Facebook event for World Leprosy Day 2018 (Please like and share)

Social Media Toolkit – English language

Social Media Toolkit – Spanish

ILEP Members twitter guide


18,230 Children Infographic (large JPG)

Every Half Hour Infographic (large JPG)

Support WLD meme

Zero Leprosy WLD meme

Media materials

Press release  (for early translation and adaptation, embargoed until 24 Jan 2018)

ILEP President’s speech/statement

Children and Leprosy Q&A

Expert op-ed – By Paul Saunderson

Stories & case studies

Child Case Study 1- Sakshi

Child Case Study 2- Mahendra

Child Case Study 3- Nandini

Amar’s Testimony of his life with leprosy (Amar Timalsina, IDEA Nepal President and ILEP Panel of People Affected by Leprosy member shares his story of  how experiencing leprosy shaped his childhood, and his life)

Any queries or questions, please contact Rosa Argent, Communications Manager for ILEP at