Resilience research project

ILEP is looking forward to an exciting new research collaboration, which will explore how to build resilience in people affected by leprosy. 

The study, which runs over two years and is being funded by the Leprosy Research Initiative,will:

  • Identify key principles of resilience relevant to the leprosy context (led by Ms Anna van’t Noordende – NLR and Erasmus University)
  • Work collaboratively with primary health care workers in Brazil to develop interventions for building resilience (led by Dr Zoica Bakirtzief da Silva Pereira – Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil)
  • Investigate the effectiveness of these interventions for people affected by leprosy (in collaboration with Fontilles in India)

We expect this study, which was developed in collaboration with the ILEP Panel of persons affected by leprosy, will give us practical insights and strategies for building resilience.

For more information contact Pim Kuipers.