ILEP Partnerships: Leveraging Expertise in Nigeria

November 28, 2017

American Leprosy Missions has partnered with fellow ILEP member GLRA on a pilot program in Nigeria to improve knowledge and skills of health care workers and communities to identify, treat and manage complications from Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).

Using the Ten Steps health guide developed by American Leprosy Missions, health workers, affected people and their families are equipped to manage and prevent disabilities.

Darren Schaupp, American Leprosy Missions Vice President of Programs, says:

“In the quest to eradicate NTDs, provision of morbidity management services for patients is essential. We are proud to partner with GLRA in Anambra state, Nigeria to tackle the wide disparity in availability of and access to NTD-related morbidity management services.

“Combining GLRA’s 50+ years of experience in Nigeria and American Leprosy Missions’ Ten Steps materials, we are piloting a new way to efficiently and effectively promote knowledge and skill transfer about self-care from health care workers to people with case management NTDs and their families.”

The pilot program includes:

  • Providing health worker training in wound care and disability management and prevention
  • Conducting basic self-care training for 150 people affected by NTDs like leprosy and Buruli ulcer
  • Distributing Ten Steps training materials to help improve self-care practices among patients and community members

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