The emergence of drug resistance is a cause of concern for treatment of any infectious disease, including leprosy. Monitoring drug sensitivity patterns in vulnerable settings, such as for example settings with high resistance, is essential to be able to contain and control the disease. Several organisations and institutions are researching immune responses and drug resistance, working on developing tests to detect antibodies against M.leprae, and monitoring resistance to anti-leprosy drugs.



A study of the combined effect of chemoprophylaxis with rifampicin, and immunoprophylaxis with BCG, in the prevention of leprosy in contactsErasmus, Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe (DAHW)

Leprosy Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (LPEP)Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR), American Leprosy Missions (ALM), Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe (DAHW), FAIRMED, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Erasmus

Field evaluation of novel immunodiagnostic toolsErasmus

Mycobacterium leprae molecular viability assaysNational Hansen’s Disease Programs (USA)


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