The Country Representative

The ILEP country representative is a facilitator, representing the interests of all ILEP members in a country, and helping to coordinate ILEP Member activities in that country.

As well as participating in national leprosy policy and decision making, they represent ILEP within their country, acting as focus points for advocacy issues, and sharing information with the ILEP secretariat office in Geneva.

To learn more about this important role, please see the supporting documents below:

Terms of Reference

Country Coordination Discussion paper– discussed at Members Assembly in March 2018
ILEP Country Coordination ToR– approved by ILEP Members Assembly in March 2017
Guidelines on coordination – approved by ILEP General Assembly in June 1995
Guidelines on coordination (French) – approved by General Assembly in June 1995
India country coordinator ToR
Nigeria country coordinator ToR

Examples of good practices

Damien Foundation examples of fruitful collaboration


Ethiopia Coordination Meeting (18.03.2019)

DRC Coordination Meeting (18.03.2019)

Nepal Coordination Meeting (09.10.2018)

Senegal Coordination meeting (09.10.2018)

ILEP Country Representatives Workshop (11.10.2016)