Collaboration within the federation

Collaboration is the cornerstone of ILEP’s success and facilitates its Members to engage in a flexible exchange of workloads and responsibilities

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Collaboration happens in the following ways between the Members:

Financial collaboration

ILEP’s Members realise that through collaboration, their resources can be better used, duplication can be avoided and support can be concentrated where it is most needed.

Members often join forces to support major initiatives in the field of scientific research, developing teaching materials, training and to respond to the needs of national programmes, especially in priority countries.

The result is an excellent example of international co-operation by autonomous agencies in the distribution of funds.

Country collaboration 

For most countries where leprosy is endemic, an ILEP Member is appointed to ensure coordination, guarantee the flow of information and initiate cooperation between all partners, especially with the government.

ILEP Members are working together in support of the Triple Zero Campaign.
Read more on the Campaign pages: Zero Transmission, Zero Disabilities and Zero Discrimination.

ILEP Country representatives

  • Coordinate the involvement of ILEP Members in activities at national level;
  • Represent the interests of ILEP Members with other partners including government;
  • Proposes an annual action plan in consultation with all partners;
  • Identifies issues of common interest and concern for ILEP support;
  • Establishes and maintains a channel of communication with partners for dissemination of information and decision making;
  • Organises regular meetings of the Members to discuss issues of common concern;
  • Promotes and ensures the distribution of ILEP teaching materials and technical advice to projects within the country.

Promoting knowledge exchange

ILEP has Working Groups that are aligned to our three strategic goals, and enable the Members to share learning, to exchange help, to formulate strategies and positions related to the advancement of these goals.

ILEP March and October meetings

Each year ILEP Members, partners and collaborators from the leprosy community worldwide gather together to discuss the issues that must be addressed. Meetings are held in March and October. Find more about the meetings here.

Annual Report

For more on collaboration between ILEP Members, see our 2016 Annual Report.