UN seeks Special Rapporteur on elimination of leprosy-related discrimination

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July 13, 2017

The Secretariat of the United Nations Human Rights Council is currently accepting applications for the post of Special Rapporteur on the elimination of discrimination against persons affected by leprosy and their family members. This appointment is welcomed by ILEP, as it aligns with our Triple Zero Campaign goal of achieving Zero Discrimination. Together with our Members and the wider community we are working to have the laws and practices that discriminate against people affected by leprosy and their families abolished

The decision to appoint a Special Rapporteur is outlined in resolution 35/9, adopted on 22 June 2017. It reflects the HRC’s deep concern that people affected by leprosy and their family members have faced and continue to face barriers to their participation as equal members of society, including isolation, discrimination and violations and abuses of their human rights.

The mandate of the Special Rapporteur, to be appointed for a period of three years, involves following up with UN member states on the implementation of policies to eliminate leprosy-related discrimination and to make recommendations to the HRC in this regard. It also involves engagement in dialogue and consultation with member states and other relevant stakeholders around this topic and raising awareness of the rights of people affected by leprosy. The Special Rapporteur will report annually to the HRC, starting from its 38th session.

The deadline for applications is 17 August 2017 at 12:00 GMT and the appointment is to be made by the Human Rights Council at its 36th session (11-29 September 2017).

Individuals seeking appointment to this role, which is unremunerated, should have extensive and internationally recognized professional experience and expertise in the field of human rights with an emphasis on issues surrounding discrimination and leprosy.

The application process involves two steps. Applicants should first complete the online survey and then submit the application form in Word format. General information about the application and selection process can be found at:


The Secretariat can be contacted by email at: